There are people, who can wear/carry plates on their body all day long. For others, 15 minutes are enough. On some people in certain times they have a calming effect. They can finally relax and sleep. Others feel highly energized and full of power. Plates according to Nikola Tesla are energy devices! Depending on who is using them and when, they have different effects. Healing crisis are possible. If they take too long, slow down with the application of the plates!. Experiment. Just try them for lots of things. Be creative! Let yourself be surprised! Find out, how to use them in the best way for yourself. Take your time! Be curious!

The best way, to find your perfect product and it’s optimal application, is by pendulum, a similar dowing device, or by kinesiological testing.

Examples : 

Cell phone : Best to not use one. If necessary use it only to send text messages
mobile Only make calls using a shielded hand free set/head set, not a BlueTooth variety as this emits additional EMF and is quite controversial)
 Only make short calls
 Do not carry the phone on your body
 Do not leave it in your bedroom; stick a Crystalium Phone Tag according to N.Tesla.to the back of your cell phone / smart phone (not on the antenna!!)

Cordless phone: Use an analogue phone instead of one with Dect standard
 Stick a Crystalium Phone Tag to the phone and put a Crystalium Plate on the transmitting station as well.

More examples of application follow below.
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