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Are you exposed to environmental pollution such as electro-smog (EMF/EMR), stress, negative propaganda (psychological warfare/ PSYOP), etc.?

With the SwissTesla ™ plates and pendants, manufactured in Switzerland since 1992 according to the well-known patent of the genius Nikola Tesla, you can support yourself and your pets in their well-being.

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Use the elementary power of the universe !

Nikola Tesla called these plates “antennas or carriers of free energy” (method of utilizing radiant energy). – Plates according to Nikola Tesla raise the vibrational state of energy of the human body, as measurements with radionic devices indicate. Plates according to Nikola Tesla in purple and olther colours can create a harmonizing field affecting body and soul positively. They can clean food and water on an energetic level and promote plants and vegetables in their growth and proliferation. Many people use them to support themselves, their pets and their plants in physical healing (e.g. headaches, cuts, wounds, fractures etc.) or they carry them around in order to raise their vibratory frequency or regenerate themselves from the influences of electromagnetic pollution, EMF/EMF (cell phones etc.)

A Brief info


How long do they work?

These plate-large Plates have been in use since 1971 and have still the same effect as on the first day. Plates according to Nikola Tesla are, to my knowledge, the oldest Tachyon products. Contrary to others they work for an unlimited time as they recharge themselves continuously.

How are SwissTesla ™ Products manufactured?

bdlThe plates are made of aluminiumThe spin of the atoms and electrons of the aluminum is thus changed in such a way, that the Plates according to Nikola Tesla are said to vibrate in resonance with the fundamental energy (Chi, Prana, Orgon etc.) of the universe. The plates as we know them were developed and patented by Nikola Tesla. Ralph Bergstresser developepd them further, by colouring them purple. Here in Switzerland, there were more colours added. The field of the Plates is changed and interacts with Tachyons. The surface of the Plates according to Nikola Tesla has a crystal-structure.
Their chemical composition is the same as that of rubies and sapphires. We know that rubies give energy and thus were called “life-stones” in the Middle-Ages.


The origin of the Plates according to Nikola Tesla


Can the effect of SwissTesla ™ Products be proven?

Colour Plates

To carry in your wallet, pocket, handbag. Put them where it hurts, put things upon them which you want to dynamize it like, beverages, food, cosmetics, remedies Place them on you chakras, underneath your pillow, under the sleeping place of your pet, put cristals upon them to recharge them and much more.

Coasters / Chakra Discs

For Chakra work or bottles, glasses, cups or pots, to improve the energy of beverages (2-3 min.), to carry along. Some seinsitive people feel the energy of these round plates like a vortex.

Colour Pendants

You can wear a pendant on a necklace, in your wallet, in your bag, your shoe…
Swiss Product.

Swiss Quality.

Swiss Research.



I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I gave one as a gift to a friend who travels a lot, she said that on her last travels she did not get sick. I loaned mine to a friend who had not been well and had to travel to Paris, her comments were, she thinks she felt a lot calmer and more composed.



Just wanted to say you were right to advise the gold plates, I am getting powerful results A total change in energy and outside reactionn from folks, it seems to empower me in strange ways. I am a Leo so I suppose it suits me I love the Golden colour. I cannot believe how powerful this plate is, Amazing!!

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